Myths Legends and Dreams

Inhabit my paintings and my texts

No matter where and when I was born, whether it was in 1942 at l’Estaque where Cézanne loved painting, or elsewhere in the sun of Provence, I have a deep sense of happiness generated by the light and the colours of the south of France

No wonder that my palette is highly coloured.

The subjects I like to paint are suggested to me by nature: Plants, flowers, birds, certain landscapes…The earth, the wind, water but above all, by human nature: (The deepness of a look, the beauty of a figure).

One of my favourite themes is the identification of the woman with nature in dream compositions.

The Greek mythology nourishes my imagination. But I also invent my own legends. They celebrate

Happiness: (Beauty, the sun, the joy of living).

According to my own words, my work of art is the expression of “a violent desire for the sweet things of life”.

In 1995 Patricia Trojman wrote about me:

“Her portraits of women, are always in close harmony with nature, and are treated like floral works of art with a sensuality that is not hidden.”

                                                    In   2011  Thierry Samuel-weis wrote about me: 

" An erotico fantastic inspiration that may at times be compared to the painting of Léonor Fini"

One of my latest passions is the marriage of painting and poetry.
I have just published a book entitled “Daughter of Helios” in which blows a “wind of dreams”,
published by “Passport for Poetry”.


When you visit this site you will discover what sensuality means to me, through a new poem and painting in complete symbiosis
In JUNE 2016

Discover  the poem : 
"Cat and I" on page literature,  and the painting : "On the  edge" on page : Deam compositions


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